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Better banking for every community

How it all began

Our first neobank was our own

A few years ago, we set out to deliver digital banking to the unbanked. Back then, no partner or platform could give us a solution that was flexible, powerful and affordable enough. So we built our own. Now we help organizations across the country deliver their own banking products at a fraction of the time and cost

Get Started
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What we do
Better banking for everyone

We make it easy for community banks, credit unions and businesses (basically anyone) to build and operate digital banking products

Our modern banking core drives digital transformation at community banks while our full-service solution gives non-banks a fast and affordable way to launch financial services

Why We Do It
Because every community deserves a chance

We believe communities thrive when they can access better banking solutions. The best  solutions come from local organizations with a deep understanding of their community’s needs so we’re building a platform where any organization can support their members’ unique financial challenges - no matter their size or budget

What we're up to
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