Commercial Banking

Capture new deposits with a more convenient account opening process.

Easy to configure omnichannel account opening.
Built by risk and banking experts.
Truly automated.
Maintain control over your operations and data while facilitating banking solutions for customers and small to medium sized businesses. Advanced security features and flexible implementation options combine to help banks scale quickly while staying compliant.
Onboard in minutes
Automate fraud investigation
Generate detailed reports
Account Opening Made Simple

Increase adoption and grow deposits with Business Online Account Opening. Improve user experience and back-office operations with intuitive UIs and configurable workflows.

How It Works
Enter personal info
Organizations can process business account applications digitally using their personal details.
A screenshot of a business banking application personal info segment.
How It Works
Input business details
Configure the specific data requirements based on your risk profile and KYC program.
A screenshot of a digital business banking application business information section.
How It Works
Upload your documents
Users can choose to securely upload documentation in app or email them to you.
A screenshot of a digital  business banking application, document upload section.
How It Works
Add co-owners
Easily allow multiple account owners and check their identities with flexible verification workflows.
A screenshot of a digital business banking application, other owner verification page.
Empower & Protect Account Users

Provide the type of convenience that creates stickiness and long-term relationships. Operate with the peace of mind that your fintech partner is aware of and actively participating in the latest risk-mitigating practices with care for your customers and theirs.

Solutions for businesses of all sizes
Help your customers work as a team with role based permissions for different company officers.
Simplified streamlined integrations
Flexible implementation to streamline easy integrations for tax, accounting, and insurance applications.
Best-in-Class B2B Payments
Meet and exceed expectations to compete with the most popular money sending apps.
Business credit and spending cards
Empower users to feel comfortable with their virtual and physical cards using  effective account management tools.

BrightFi works with what you use. No judgment if you love your legacy core.