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Unlock your business potential with BaaS.

Fast User-Friendly Products
Experience a flexible cloud-based infrastructure that allows financial institutions to streamline data management, save time and money, and deploy new products without sacrificing control over operations or relationships. Built by risk experts to help you work within your risk appetite.
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Secure & Compliant
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Configurable Implementation
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Easy to Scale Solutions
banking as a service

Facilitate Enjoyable Omnichannel Banking Experiences

  • Digital-first approach

  • Automated teller workflows

  • Chatbots and AI integrations

  • Configurable escalation paths

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Leverage Cost-Effective Solutions without Compromising Quality or Security
Autmoated workflows to digitally onboard customers in less than four minutes.
Account Funding
In-app digital direct deposit forms and configurable campaigns drive conversion.
Fraud Investigation
Configurable fraud alerts, machine learning insights and integrated case management systems for Fincrime teams
Returns and Chargebacks
Robust tools and API integrations with processor to resolve Reg E claims and disputes quickly
Real Time Reporting
Automatically generated settlement, financial, CALL and regulatory reports
Streamline Operations
Digitized and standardized tasks free employees for complex tasks.
AI and Machine Learning

Take control of your most valuable resource: data

Banking operations staffs can get overwhelmed with customer, transaction and internal data. Built-in AI and ML tools help analysts and managers capitalize on new insights while saving time and money
  • Early fraud and AML detection

  • Reduce manual reviews

  • Optimize products for customers

  • Risk monitoring

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Innovative and Secure Banking as a Service Solutions for Small to Medium Businesses.

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