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For banks

Unlocking digitization for banks and credit unions

Focus on what is most important: your business and your community

Say hello to the first digital banking platform you’ll love, and the last you'll ever need.
Each banking community is different. We help you meet their unique financial needs by providing a platform that meets them where they are in their digital transformation.
Digitize Your Community

Incredibly flexible and configurable

Accelerate your digital strategies with a secure, easily adjusted, out-of-the box solution that runs alongside existing cores

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Empower Your Community

Amazing back office tools and insights

BrightFi takes the guesswork out of management with seamless integration, simple reporting and configurable solutions that allow for reliable support and even more savings for you

How It Works
Implementation Options
Replace your old core
Transition from legacy tech to a scalable, extensible and future-proof architecture. Position your institution for success by implementing a fully digital back end
Unbundle your core
Don’t want to migrate to a new core system just yet? We get it! We can integrate or run alongside all major core systems so you can pick and choose which functions to digitize first
Launch a new digital bank
The idea of expanding digital banking beyond your current footprint can seem daunting. BrightFi allows you to configure and deploy a new digital brand from scratch in weeks
Launch a new digital product
Sometimes it makes sense to start small. BrightFi allows you to quickly deploy individual digital banking products alongside your current offerings
Empower Your Community

Integrations and additional capabilities

As your needs grow, BrightFi grows with you. Expand global services, integrate lending and support your customers with a platform that easily and inexpensively evolves with the best in today’s technology

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