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Seamless, fast and enjoyable experiences for small businesses

Modern business banking products and features for the digital economy
We’ve made it easier than ever to configure digital products to serve a range of business sizes — from independent contractors to sole proprietors and corporations
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ID Verification
How It Works
Enter personal info
BrightFi enables organizations to process business account applications digitally. The first step is to gather personal details
A screenshot of a business banking application personal info segment.
How It Works
Input business details
Users can easily input critical information about their business with a simple and intuitive UI framework. Configure the specific data requirements based on your risk profile and KYC program
A screenshot of a digital business banking application business information section.
How It Works
Upload your documents
Users can choose to securely upload documentation in app or email them to you. We support manual workflows as well as natural language processing to verify document information
A screenshot of a digital  business banking application, document upload section.
How It Works
Add co-owners
Few businesses are one-person shows. Easily allow multiple account owners and check their identities with our flexible verification workflows
A screenshot of a digital business banking application, other owner verification page.
Small Business Features
Multi-user accounts
Help your customers work as a team with role based permissions for company officers
Third Party Integrations
Empower your clients with easy integration to tax, accounting and insurance applications
B2B Payments
Help business users send and receive money across multiple rails
Business credit and spending cards
Enable your customers to spend with powerful physical and virtual card management tools

Digital transformation at a fraction of the time and cost.