Serve your customers digitally in a post COVID-19 world.

Smaller institutions are surviving the COVID-19 crisis by emphasizing their customer relationships; relying on them to deliver a disproportionate amount of funding to their communities through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). But as the pandemic shows no signs of stopping, many in-person banking services will continue to move to the digital space and community bank and credit union customers will look for the tools and apps that help them bank safely.

That transition means smaller banks will have to match their relationships against the resources of larger banks to keep surviving. That doesn't seem like a fair fight to us. At BrightFi Services, we believe in leveling the playing field.

We're launching an initiative called the Digital Banking Accelerator (DBA) to rapidly deploy digital transaction banking services for a small cohort of select banks and credit unions using our cloud-based banking platform. The program will run within a 90-day period and deliver a branded, digital transaction banking app for iOS, Android and responsive web. As an additional benefit of the DBA, we're waiving our standard implementation fees for this group.

Use the Digital Accelerator to rapidly and affordably deliver critical digital banking features to keep your customers safe.

Seamlessly move from branches to devices

BrightFi Services extends your in-branch services direct to your customers wherever they are.

With easy-to-deploy in-app services customers can open an account, lock and unlock cards and quickly access customer service.

We customize the app's front end to deliver a consistent brand look and feel for your customers.

The right tools for the COVID-19 economy

Give your customers modern, secure, reliable banking tools all connected to your existing brand and platform. Remote check deposit and contactless payments are available out of the box to help support customers through today's challenges.


Integrated peer-to-peer (P2P) payments

Travel restrictions and COVID concerns worrying customers? Make staying connected during these times easier with domestic and international transfers.

Sending money to friends and family is seamless and safer with a BrightFi Services powered mobile banking app.

How the Program Works

The Digital Banking Acclerator is a 90-day event where your team works with our implementation and solution managers to build almost any combination of consumer digital banking product you can imagine.

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