What would a bank look like if it was built entirely on 21st century technology?

100% Digital, Cloud-Based
Customer Service
Banking Engine
Front End
Banking Engine

Flexible power for any digital product.

  • A banking engine is the foundation of a cloud-based, composable banking platform. Ours is limited only by your imagination.

  • Configure any type of digital banking product, service or bundle and monitor with cloud-native APIs, webhooks and portals.

  • Say hello to automatic updates, seamless upgrades and out-of-the-box capability on day one.


Keep a closer eye on account activity.

Our systems monitor all transactions on the platform utilizing rule based systems supplemented with AI technologies.

Transaction Monitoring

Alerting transactions will be assembled into case files to include all relevant documentation.

Case Adjudication

BrightFi eliminates most false positives for review, increasing efficiency and providing fewer cases that do not result in a SAR filing. Remaining alerts are presented in pre-configured templates, ready for adjudication.

Customer Service

Let customers pick up where they left off.

  • In the age of personalization, customers expect businesses to present relevant and timely information and offers.

  • With a 100% digital solution, customer information is easily managed and presented across all channels - mobile, desktop, phone and email.

  • Build on the deep, personal relationships you have within your communities. Deliver a seamless customer experience with BrightFi's platform.


Managing customer relationships is easier than ever.

Easy to navigate dashboards empower your teams to do more at a lower price point.


Review customer behavior, spending and marketing engagement in real time - aggregated or at an individual level.

Data Security

Authorized profile, personal data and transactional level data are kept physically separated. All systems storing data are compliant with multiple audits (SOC 1/2, ISO27001) and penetration tests.


Tailor your products to meet customer needs.

  • Whether you are targeting a broad or niche segment, BrightFi let's you easily customize your digital products, features and limits.

  • Work with our implementation managers to pick the right mix of features for your product strategy and watch them deploy - in less than a week.

  • We believe people should be able to change their minds as they get more information. With BrightFi, you can adjust certain limits or fee settings for your products mid-contract at no additional cost.


Leverage your brand equity or test a new one.

BrightFi Services' is a white-label solution. Our front end is flexible and configurable. Launch a new digital product within your existing brand or easily establish a new standalone digital brand.

Better yet, do both on the same cost-effective platform.