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You are empathic towards your users and put them first. You are an interdisciplinary thinker and endlessly curious and excited to learn something new every day. You have a lot of experience adapting to ever-changing priorities and environments as well as regulatory requirements and use common prioritization methods to focus on the highest priority work. You have a creative approach to problem-solving and are passionate about creating simple and innovative solutions. You are not only comfortable communicating and presenting to executives but generally well versed in communicating the right level of information to the right audience at the right time and with the right medium. And when you hear Reg E, Metro 2, FDIC, AML, SOC2 and GDPR, you don't have to use Google to know what they’re about.

• Use continuous discovery through user and partner interviews to help you focus on the highest value projects.
• Build domain expertise and collect competitive information to stay ahead in the market with product differentiation and high user value
• Understand the regulatory environment of the FinTech space and be excited about building products that bring value and
• Be responsible for a product or customer journey of a medium to high complexity product
• Actively work to improve your skills through research, attending Tech Talks/Webinars, using e-learning/classes offered, attending and giving demos, and asking for feedback from more senior colleagues
• Define success metrics for your products and measures and adjust those regularly
• Review and respond to feature requests according to our defined processes
• Build the roadmap for your product area in cooperation with the product, technology and business teams to identify and account for dependencies
• Actively contribute to improving team processes to foster a climate of collaboration, respect, risk-taking, trust, excellence, and fun
• Work with your engineering partners to find the best process for getting work added, defined, and structured into the backlog.
• Define product requirements with engineering, design, business, risk, legal, marketing and customer facing teams and proactively seek peer feedback to prepare for reviews to get buy-in to move forward and ensure the whole organization is informed of the plan and their role in it.
• Work closely with engineering, business, and design partners from ideation to release, ensuring they’re aligned on requirements, expectations, and timing
• Continuously deliver high-quality launches of features aligned with company objectives and go to market teams.
• Get to know your stakeholders and maintain strong relationships with them
• Actively pursue stakeholders for product discovery and feedback
• Own end-to-end product management process from idea to launch, impact tracking, and ongoing improvements.

• 3+ years in a product management role in every stage of the product development lifecycle
• 3+ years in a FinTech, BaaS or financial services environment with experience of designing and successfully launching highly regulated products to market
• Ability to understand complex technical concepts and the impact on product development
• Excellent communication and listening skills adapted to your audience
• Startup experience
• Technical experience
• Experience in a financial services role such as AML analyst, customer representative, banking operations, investments, etc.
• Experience with cloud based products, CRM and managed services

Full Time
July 20, 2022
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