BrightFi is featured in the September 2022 BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report with our COO, Josh Brown, offering relevant insights for financial services organizations regardless of where they are in their digital journey.

BAI and BrightFi both believe that a strong financial services industry helps consumers, businesses, and communities thrive.

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Adaptable FinTech Can Meet You Where You Are in Your Digital Transformation

Hey everyone. We recently had the opportunity to be featured in the BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report on Transformation. This is a great chance to share BrightFi's unique perspective on how banks can maximize the success of their digital transformation strategies.

At the heart of what we shared is the importance of looking for vendors that will meet you in that place versus force you into their timeline or template. Each financial institution has a unique approach to digital transformation, but there's no single right way to do things.

And it ultimately comes down to which strategy is best for your business. The important priority in all of this is knowing your customers and your market to help deliver them the services and support that they need most as part of your digital transformation efforts. Our approach at BrightFi is to connect with our banking customers about the business and customer outcomes and then help architect the best use of our digital banking platform together in a realistic, cost-efficient approach.

Thanks again to BAI for advancing this important conversation and giving us the opportunity to share BrightFi’s mission of delivering better banking for every community.

Download your copy of the BAI Executive Report