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PHOENIX, Sept. 9,2020 / PRNewswire /  -- BrightFi Services, the Banking as a Service (BaaS) company that saves banks time and money while increasing profitability, is announcing a limited time initiative to address the increasing needs of community banks and credit unions with customers impacted by COVID-19. Given shut-downs and in-person restrictions, the BrightFi Services Digital Banking Accelerator helps banks bring digital banking online quickly, cost effectively and with a solution that will easily grow with banks throughout their future.

BrightFi Platform Benefits: Faster Deployment and Waived Implementation Fees

 The BrightFi Digital Banking Accelerator brings the first self-contained, cloud-native, agile banking core to community banks and credit unions in a quick-turn implementation.This empowers banks to serve their customers digitally in a post-COVID-19 environment. A less than 90-day implementation period means banks can launch 100% digital transaction bank accounts faster than ever to reach customers where they are, providing critical features like contactless payments, integrated peer to peer payments and improved customer engagement.Banks can offer these features, all while reducing costs and enhancing profitability.  To further help banks needing to implement quickly, BrightFi is waving its usual implementation fees as part of the Accelerator program.


All of these advantages under the BrightFi Services Digital Banking Accelerator still come with BrightFi’s best benefits including white labeling to keep your brand front and center with customers and our parallel implementation meaning no expensive and time-consuming replacement of your existing core.  


“In my conversations with community banking and credit union executives, their number one concern right now is reaching customers who can’t access branches and banking services safely,” said Michael Coghlan, CEO of BrightFi and its parent company, Verdigris Holdings,Inc. “Through our BrightFi Digital Banking Accelerator we can help them implement safe,reliable, digital banking faster than ever while increasing profits not only today but for the long-run as well.”


Digital Banking Accelerator Spaces Are Limited

 BrightFi Services can implement secure, all-in-one digital banking with scalable solutions for institutions of all sizes. Banks looking to take advantage of the limited spots available can find out more and reserve their implementation window at or contact BrightFi Services at

About BrightFi Services:
BrightFi Services, a subsidiary of Verdigris Holdings, Inc., gives banks everything they need to launch digital banking products and stay ahead of the curve.Through a cloud-based banking as a service platform, banks can configure, test and deploy products at a fraction of the time and cost banks normally experience for these solutions. Our proprietary, secure and compliant platform makes even basic current accounts profitable, meaning more customers, increased profit from existing customers and an ability to scale services with out-of-the box speed.

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About Verdigris Holdings:
Verdigris Holdings, Inc. is changing banking for the better. Over 63 million people in America have no or limited access to the regulated banking system and even more lack access to real, low-cost banking. This causes them to pay triple what they should for substitute banking services. Verdigris is building a fresh solution – the combination of leading technology, industry expertise and a real, regulated bank to deliver low cost, trusted, transparent banking to all.

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