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COLUMBUS, OH and SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA – September 14, 2022 / 9:00 AM EDT   /  -- BrightFi, the banking technology services company with a mission to bring better banking to every community, is proud to team with Habitat for Humanity of Ohio to bring reliable, low-cost banking solutions to Habitat for Humanity clients, families, supporters and broader communities across Ohio.  

“Our mission is to bring people together to build homes, communities, and hope. Financial security and opportunity is important for our families and a reliable, low-cost bank account, is essential,” said Ryan Miller, executive director, Habitat for Humanity of Ohio. “Our collaboration with BrightFi helps make a secure, trusted bank account available to those that need it most.”

The MyBrightFi service is a consumer mobile banking app that offers almost everything you’d get at a traditional bank at a lower cost and with absolutely no hidden fees. MyBrightFi helps real people take back control of their finances, keep more of their hard-earned money, and begin working toward their important goals.

“We started BrightFi because the statistics of who does and doesn’t have a bank account in the United States are startling: 32 million households are either not using banks or are using banks alongside other costly services like check cashers and prepaid cards,” said Michael Coghlan, chief executive officer of BrightFi. “We’re proud to collaborate with community and people-focused organizations like Habitat for Humanity of Ohio to further advance our mission and bring banking to every community.”

Community organizations, non-profits and companies interested in helping their members and customers get better access to real banking can take advantage of either the MyBrightFi referral service or BrightFi’s comprehensive, white-labelled banking services. BrightFi also offers solutions for community banks and credit unions to help significantly lower costs to enable banks to extend accounts to even more members of their community.

About Habitat for Humanity of Ohio:

Habitat for Humanity of Ohio is a statewide 501(c)3 organization whose main purpose is to increase the capacity of Ohio's 45 Habitat for Humanity affiliates to build simple, decent homes in partnership with families in need of affordable housing. Located in Columbus, Ohio, Habitat for Humanity of Ohio provides services to affiliates through resource development, advocacy and training. Learn more at:

About MyBrightFi:

MyBrightFi is banking for your life. We’re a financial technology company, not a bank. We have a mobile banking app that helps you take back control of your finances, keep more of your hard-earned money, and begin working toward your goals. Our banking services are provided by Webster Bank N.A.; Member FDIC.

Find out how to open your own account at:

About BrightFi:

BrightFi, delivers a cloud-based banking as a service platform that lets financial institutions and non-banks configure, test, and deploy digital banking products at a fraction of the time and cost. BrightFi’s end to end platform significantly reduces costs and brings modern financial services to communities that need them most.