Offer your customers exactly what they want. At prices you want to pay.

Single Product

Digital Checking or Savings Accounts

Want to test the digital waters? This is the perfect way to do it.

Build, test and deploy single current or deposit accounts to serve existing customers at a lower cost basis.

Product Bundles

Current Account + Payments + ?

Round out a basic account with additional digital banking products. Add peer to peer payments and transfers or choose between term and revolver credit products.

Customize product features to fit your target customer's needs.

Standalone Brand

Launch a Complete Digital Bank

Looking for a way to compete with challenger banks? Your search is over.

This is the fastest, cheapest and lowest risk way to test a new strategy, enter a new market or acquire a new customer segment without cannibalizing your existing business.

Single Product
Digital Brand


Custom Fonts

Color Palette

Transaction Limits


Fee Configuration

Custom Layouts

Credit Products


On-site Team

Solution Engineer

Dedicated Offsite Product Support

Issue Tracking


Customer Service Dashboard

Data Reconciliation

Customer Success Management

Seamless Update

Remote Product Support

UAT Site for Configuration Changes

Quarterly Business Reviews

Are you a replacement for our core?

BrightFi runs alongside your existing core. It's a standalone platform that allows an institution to rapidly launch digital banking products at a far lower cost basis.

How is data exchanged?

BrightFi enables secure data sharing through a variety of secure mechanisms. Portals, APIs, flat files or streaming data feeds provide visibility of customer events and support reconciliations.

Where do customer deposits stay?

Deposits remain with the client bank (that's you!). We deliver data at the appropriate time and place during a customer transaction cycle to supplement and empower your bank's accounting process.

Who files regulatory reports?

We populate and deliver data templates to support your regulatory filing processes. All financial and reg reporting will be enabled by our data flows to your accounting processes at the granularity regulators require.