Keep your community connected with the most payment options of any platform

We’ve built the partnerships and connected the rails; all you have to do is turn it on
Payments underpin the digital economy; help your customers send and receive money quickly, easily and securely
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How It Works
Enter Recipient Info
Enter a few pieces of information about your transaction. Configure these fields to meet your unique KYC and fraud requirements
A screenshot of a P2P payment transaction.
How It Works
Recipient Gets Prompt
After your user verifies their payment, the receiver will be notified via text message. First time recipients have 24 hours to verify their identity before the transaction expires
A screenshot of a P2P payment confirmation.
How It Works
Verify ID and Success
P2P transactions to new recipients are enabled by verification to reduce fraud and increase trust between sender and receiver

Once the recipient verifies their identity, the funds are released. After a user is verified, future P2P payments are instantaneous
A screenshot of a P2P payment transaction verification.
multiple payment rails

There are many payment use cases for your community. We're built for all of them

  • P2P

  • Remittances

  • B2B International

  • ACH

  • B2B

  • Wires

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A gig worker delivering groceries to a house.
end-point flexibility

Your receiver doesn’t have a bank account? No problem!

Your users can send money to several different end points in addition to card to bank account transactions.
  • Mobile Wallet

  • Cash Withdrawal Locations

  • Send to Card

BrightFi works with what you use.   No judgment if you love your legacy core.

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