The solutions you need.
No matter your size.

We help financial institutions of all kinds grow deposits, reduce costs and attract new customers quickly, affordably and securely.

Community Banks and Credit Unions

Community banks need a cost effective way to grow deposits within their market

What Big Banks Have
  • Brand Recognition

  • Higher Tech Spend

  • Non-Location Based Community

  • Large Outreach

Community Banks & Credit Unions
  • Strong Community Ties

  • Personalized Customer Service

  • Shared Values

  • Trustworthy

What Fintechs Have
  • Newest Technology

  • Customer Service

  • Growing Markets

  • Deep Pockets

With BrightFi Services you have all the resources that big banks and fintechs have to retain, strengthen and expand your community.

Regional Banks

Mobilize deposits in adjacent markets profitably.

Without Brightfi

Attractive markets outside your region are inaccessible without the resources to invest in a new digital brand.

You + Brightfi

Reach new markets by expanding your outreach and technology so you can grow and retain your customer base.