The most advanced platform for ready-to-use, reliable and profitable digital banking products

BrightFi's platform simplifies the confusion of digital delivery into a rapid, streamlined deployment across your digital channels.

Future-proof your digital banking offering

With our plug and play approach to development, we're never burdened by legacy technology.

Component upgrades are seamless, invisble to you and, best of all, included in your contract. So leading edge banking technology stays at your fingertips.

Ensure profitability across your customer segments

A fully digital banking platform is cheaper than a digital front end built on legacy technology. Even for high volume, low value deposits.


Building your own costs too much time and money. Simplify.

BrightFi is a white-label, out of the box banking technology and operations platform that can be configured, tested and deployed in less than 12 weeks.

It's far cheaper than building and maintaining your own solution and it's far more powerful than mixing and matching fintech APIs.

Solutions Configured to Meet Your Needs

Tap into a banking engine that enables almost any combination of consumer digital banking product you can imagine.

Support all types of consumer credit products.
  • Originate

  • Servicing

  • Collections

Current or transactional accounts linked to debit/credit cards.
  • Debit Card

  • Mobile Wallet

  • Transaction History

Configure any deposit product with interest and fee range options.
  • Kids Savings

  • High Yield

  • Term Deposits

Data Streams
Targeted views of customer experiences, transactions and suspicious activity.
Restful services to query customer transactions and balances.
Customize event triggers to deliver real-time transaction data streams.
Establish protocols for General Ledger reconciliations or customer data transfers.

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